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Every building, no matter how big or small it is, has a frame. The frame is the skeleton of the building. In similarity to the human body, a building with a poor skeleton will suffer from all types of problems. These problems eventually lead to the collapse of the building. Yet, a building with a good frame is able to be utilized for centuries. Good framing is no accident, you need craftmen who understand the need for their work to be of high quality. Unique Home Construction & Remodeling implements this concept in all new construction, rehabilitation, renovation and remodeling projects we undertake.

Errors in framing and poor framing can easily be covered. Yet, in just a few months or years, these problems become apparent even to the casual viewer. Some symptons of poor framing are doors not properly closing, cracks in walls and upper floors not being level. Unique Home Construction & Remodeling takes great strides to prevent these problems. Because the frame is so essential to the building’s success and longevity, choosing the right company to create it is not something to be taken lightly.

Unique Home Construction & Remodeling has extensive experience constructing high quality frames that support great buildings. If you are considering new construction, rehabilitation, renovation, and/or remodeling, call us. We can help.

Framing Professionals

Because of the role a frame plays in the successful construction of a building, it should always be left to a professional company. It can be hard to tell which company is best suited to your needs though, because there are many companies out there.

Beyond experience, you need a company that has the support of the community ‐ one that has a solid track record of providing a diverse clientele with framing work that stands the test of time. Unique Home Construction & Remodeling matches that description perfectly — and on top of that our prices are among the most affordable!

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Good Framers Build Solid Buildings

The frame of a building is just that—the structure that everything else is built onto. While there are other materials added on after the fact, the frame itself still has to be strong and durable, not to mention an accurate interpretation.

Our aim is always to translate our client’s designs into high caliber frames that the construction company can use to dictate their work. A building is only as solid as its frame, which is why we are so committed to strong workmanship.

Quality Framing

You don’t become a leader in the framing business by providing work that is below standard. From start to finish, we are dedicated to delivering results that our clients can be happy with. Whether we are working on a large scale apartment complex or a small office building, we remain driven by the goal of providing work of the highest possible level.

Contractoer viewing landscpae from second from od a home frame

Qualified, Experienced Framing Staff

We have served for our community years, providing commercial and residential building owners with expertly constructed frames that serve as the base for their structures.

Our team is staffed by highly skilled individuals — we don’t choose just anyone to work with us! Our vetting process ensures that only the most qualified people in town work on your framing project.

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